Join the Strange Little Girls family with Patreon

When I began this incredible journey in 2011, I never dreamed I would one day be able to make a living from my creations, but here I am! I've been working full time as an artist since February 2017 and I love what I do. Now, I'd like to take my dream a step further, with new materials, new techniques and new ideas. To allow me the time and resources to achieve this, I need your help.

You can support me and help me to take my art to a new level by becoming a patron with Patreon. This exciting new platform allows me to connect with the strange Little Girls family in a way that's just not possible on social media. As a patron, you'll be supporting a real, living artist and enabling me to keep creating new art. For $5 a month you'll get exclusive behind the scenes photos and videos from my home studio. You'll also get chance to preview and buy new art dolls before they're listed for public sale, or shown anywhere else. When I reach my first goal of 50 patrons, I will celebrate by giving away 8" one of a kind doll, absolutely free. I'll also pick out random patrons to receive surprise gifts. 

This is an exciting new adventure. I hope you'll consider joining me.